wear it with pride

For some of us, relationships just got a little less complicated. That's why I wear this with pride.


Melbourne-born Ruby Rose came out to her parents as a lesbian at the tender age of 12, and hasn't taken a backward step since. Which is what you'd expect from the goddaughter of Lionel Rose and the great-granddaughter of Alec Campbell, the last surviving Battle of Gallipoli soldier. As a teenager, she attended University High School, where she triumphed over severe school bullying to see the perpetrators suspended from school. Rose first rose to fame coming second in the Girlfriend model search in 2002. Prior to landing her MTV VJ gig, Ruby also studied acting at VCA and modelled. In 2009, Rose won the ASTRA Award for Favourite Female Personality. She also travelled to Kenya to highlight the amazing work done by Global Vision International. She's also appeared as a guest judge in Australia's Next Top Model. Ruby Rose is currently guest hosting on The 7pm Project, as well as DJing across the country.

Why have you chosen to represent this same-sex law reform campaign?

Reforms to relationships rights laws for same-sex couples are long overdue. I'm supporting the campaign to celebrate these changes and bring people's attention to how the things are evening up for the gay community.

What sorts of same-sex discrimination have you as / anyone you know experienced?

I've been very fortunate to not face discrimination based on my sexuality in the entertainment industry. I know others in more conservative lines of work struggle more than I have to. As a younger person, I definitely felt less at ease with people's reaction to my sexuality.

How do you think these reforms will make a difference to your life, or to the lives of those close to you?

I think the biggest difference is the real sense of equality it will instil in the wider community. That our children are protected, property is protected the same way and that same-sex couples are allowed to express their love in the same way as everyone else.

Why do you think people should wear these 85 law reforms with pride?

Because it's something to really be proud of, that our country is getting closer to eradicating legal discrimination against same-sex couples and their families in the law.

Why do you think this is a huge step forward for Australia?

I believe that having the same legal rights for all relationships is massive step forward for the community as a whole.

What do you like about your T-Shirt design?

I like that it's obviously been well thought out. The design reflects both music and relationships - both things that I love are also entwined for me.

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