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This is a great big step on the long road to equality.


The Veronicas are sisters Jess and Lisa (Twins/Ninja Pixies). Both girls have been singing, and writing since they were young.

Jess has been known to date her guitar on a regular basis, but is currently having an affair with a Bass. Plans to save the world one foot in mouth statement at a time. Doesn't think before she inks...but is happy with that. Enjoys Kolas, does not enjoy fascists. Empowers freedom of speech, unless it differs from her views. KIDDING.kinda.

Lisa started dabbling in playing Synth and experimenting in string samples recently, until she puts her passion for wanting to learn drums into motion. Indecisive in most things. Will popacapinyour.. if you challenge her integrity.. or her sister. Enjoys Vinegar, does not enjoy sneaky, selfish people who only speak to hear the sound of their own voices.

Why have you chosen to represent this same-sex law reform campaign?

Everyone has a different life-story, and a different point-of-view. Anything that inhibits anyone’s ability to be who they are, or limits their legal rights because of it, clearly needs to change. These reforms are important for every Aussie.

What sorts of same-sex discrimination have you as  / anyone you know experienced?

We live our lives in the spotlight, and Jess in particular has copped a lot of flack for being open with her sexuality. We’ve also seen a lot of our friends deal with narrow-mindedness in their lives, and have admired how they have never let it stop them expressing who they are.

How do you think these reforms will make a difference to your life, or to the lives of those close to you?

While they don’t influence our lives directly, it is a huge step forward for our society as a whole. They aren’t just a victory for the gay community, they’re a victory for all Aussies who think we should be free to spend our lives with the person we love, regardless of gender, race, religion, or anything else. We can’t enjoy that freedom unless we have the rights to support it.

Why do you think people should wear these 85 law reforms with pride?

It’s important that our laws reflect how accepting Australia is becoming, and that they help to accelerate the process, rather than hold-it-back. Now that they’re starting to, we need to celebrate it and encourage it to continue.

Why do you think this is a huge step forward for Australia?

Australia is a fairly conservative country, full of fairly liberal people. By society acknowledging the rights of same-sex relationships, we’re helping to remove the stigma of being gay, and we’re giving the whole community permission to be more accepting.

What do you like about your T-Shirt design?

The fact that each t-shirt is designed by a different artist, each with her/his own message, means that each shirt stands for something different. Each tells its own story, and has it’s own perspective, but all of them stand for the same, important cause. Having said that, we mainly like that ours is really cute, and “Love Always” is a great message for everyone.

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